FunSports Club for Adults: 2017 Flashback!

on 星期三, 21 2月 2018. Posted in 必威体育手机版下载

Every week a group of like minded active people get together to play some fun sports including (but not limited to); handball, dodgeball, football, and frisbee. FunSports is a health and fitness project started for those that want the joys and benefits of team sports without the pressure of intense competition. We aim to make the activities accessible to all and often adapt the game rules and design to achieve this. Check out some photos, a video from 2017, and the participation rules below!


Must complete an online player registration form.

Must sign up to play:

- Add name to wechat group list

- Pay the FunSports organiser (wechat)

Respect the sports field code of conduct.

Safety first - prepare for a range of fun and dynamic sports. Checklist includes:

- appropriate sports shoes

- appropriate sports clothes

- enough water

- sweat towel

- sports glasses if needed


Location: SoccerRanger Indoor Sports Field, Shencai Wuliu Zhongxin, Warehouse 2, Beihuan Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen. (5-10 mins north of the Tencent Building opposite Shenzhen University).

Get fit and have fun at FUNSPORTS!